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    Family Law

    Divorce isn’t such a tragedy. A tragedy is staying in an unhappy marriage.

    Jennifer Weiner

    Disagreement may happen between spouse and divorce may sadly be the best solution to the relationship. We understand divorce can be emotionally and financially distressing when it involves rights of custody and distribution of matrimonial assets. We keep ourselves sensitive and constructive when dealing with our client’s causes and terms of divorce.

    Our services includes :

    • Joint petition of divorce
    • Sole petition of divorce
    • Child’s custody and access dispute
    • Maintenance claim for spouse and children
    • Division of matrimonial assets
    • Nullity & annulment of marriage

    If your family is in need of legal help, our experienced divorce lawyers and family law solutions are right for you. Since 2018, C.Y. Chan & Quake has established a reputation for highly effective and responsive legal representation by thinking in terms of what is required to obtain the desired results and knowing how to make it happen. That’s the reason why CYCQ is always be rated by our clients as the first-class law firm in Melaka.